This post is not actually about my van.

baby, kids
2014 Black Honda Odyssey

This thing is like a space ship inside.

So I have some exciting news. We are going to have a baby. It’s due in August. We’ve been doing so many things to prepare for the baby (like buying an awesome new van) we sort of neglected to tell people. We’ve had an ultrasound already, but it was so long ago that the baby doesn’t look like a blob anymore and posting it would be silly. Actual baby looking picture will follow in a few weeks.

In other news, D2 is also pregnant. He decided he is going to have twins, so he’s just a little more pregnant than you, mmkay? This came up when he learned that being pregnant means you get to reserve foods for the baby and not share them, and figured it was the best way to get a hold of Mommy’s applesauce.