MJ Squarepants – Our Third Trimester in Reaction GIFs


We had another ultrasound today to check on the size of the baby and to make sure she had enough amniotic fluid. It turns out she’s only 5lbs 12oz right now, which is shocking. She moves around and takes up all the room of a much bigger baby. Here are some examples of what it’s like.

MJ’s reaction when we are trying to sleep

spongebob can't sleep

MJ’s reaction when the doctor tries to listen to her heart beat

patrick gets kicked 

MJ’s reaction when I rub MDL’s belly

patrick dances

MJ’s reaction when MDL eats ice cream

squidward dances ballet

MJ’s reaction when MDL and I are trying to cuddle

spongebob does a squiggly dance

MJ’s reaction when a car alarm goes off nearby

spongebob hides in bed scared

MJ’s reaction when it’s time to go to the bathroom for the third time in one night

spongebob laughs evilly

MJ’s reaction when MDL eats jello

spongebob does a happy dance

MJ’s reaction when someone other than me wants to feel her kick

spongebob buries himself in the sand